Server Details

Amakna is Dofus 1.29 server with SemiLike gameplay !
Server Rates Other infos
Rate Exp.: x3 Version: DOFUS 1.29.1
Level Max: 200
Rate Exp. Jobs: x8
Rate Drop: x3
Chat Vocal ( Discord ): Discord

Player Commands

We have set up several commands for the players, this same listing is also available in game by writing .help


Teleports your character to Astrub Zaap


Allows you to access the in-game store from anywhere!


Allows you to communicate with all players in play!


Allows you to access your bank remotely!


Regroup all of your characters present on your map to create a group


Teleport your characters previously linked by the command .maitre to your location


Displays the remaining amount of points you have on your account!


Displays the fight cells in a map


Shows you the list of currently connected Amakna Staff members!


Several elements of the game have been modified for your pleasure!
Equipements Revus

The Dopples can be reproduced several times every 4 hours & the keychain is renewed every 4 days!

Classe Retravaillés

Some dungeons have been modified! The Abraknydes dungeon has been shortened. The alternative rooms at Oak Soft are the same as the one on the official (You are not transformed)! The Labyrinth of the Minotoror has been shortened. As soon as you enter, you are facing the Minotoror! We let you discover more!

Le pvp retravaillé !
Access to the Giant Kralamour

In order to enter the cave of the Giant Kralamour you will need a relic of a boss of the game! The relic is set every 24 hours!

Download Amakna

As you can see, Amakna offers you an adventure and a unique and lasting gaming experience. Come try Download our client & join a growing community!